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With 300 Yuan in his pocket, Yang Cheng came to Shenzhen alone in 1996. He started in an electronics manufacturing factory as a common worker. Since he held serious attitude towards quality , treated the factory as his own business, he was always willing to contribute more to his work, then he got promoted as supervisor of a workshop in one year.

 Yet as time went by, Yang Cheng wanted to learn some real techniques instead of watching pipeline computer and workers. He gave up the well-paid job and became an apprentice in a small industrial design company. Most of the mentors there were using low efficient software because of the lack of English knowledge and lack of textbook to introduce the most advanced method of drawing. Yang Cheng was determined to learn basic programming and foreign 3D drawing software by himself.  Although with limited knowledge of English, he tried thousands of times until he captured all the functions of the software and the meaning of programming language.

Working as an industrial designer, he understood the significance of prototypes but a huge market gap needed to be filled. Designers couldn’t find proper mockup provider. They either got a low quality model or they found themselves hard to be understood by the prototype agencies. This situation led Yang Cheng thinking about how to better support design work.

Eventually, he began learning CNC machining techniques with a master and fell in love with this job. He enjoyed working on different projects to create value for industrial designers and the society. And ever since then his passion has been lasting for 16 years. 

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