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Case  1. Cost Control
Decorative pieces
Client: multinational based in the United States and China, specialized in stylish interiors design.
Project order: 200 different decorating pieces, with brushing effect on stainless steel.
Limited budget
Unique techniques
After reviewing the client’s 3D files, calculating the size and volume we determined the estimated volume of raw material and the weight of final products. Since the price of raw stainless steel is high due to its density, the cost was far higher than the client’s budget.
Our first solution was to suggest using aluminum alloy instead of stainless steel, but the cost of material and shipping was still not reduced significantly.
We spoke with the client soon after, reaching an understanding that their objective was to achieve the “Appearance” of brushed steel, we therefore resolved to find a solution that would both satisfy the look of stainless steel and the budget.
Our engineers searched for possible plastic alternatives for steel and performed numerous trials to achieve metallic gloss finish identical to stainless steel.
Conventionally a layer of copper plating is laid followed by chrome plating on ABS to resemble shiny metal, however in this instance, chrome plating was too bright once brushed, in addition the copper under chrome can show through changing the intended color.

Our procedure
Throughout the many trials in our electroplating facility, we altered the length of time during copper and chrome plating to determine which method would present us the right thickness of these metals. We were greeted with success when we were able to remove enough of the brightness from the chrome plating without the copper plating showing through and thus achieving an authentic brushed steel finish.
Because of our ingenuity and customer centric mindset we were able to deliver beyond our customer’s expectations.  The ABS raw material cost far less than stainless steel and offered an additional benefit since it took less time for our CNC machines to operate on, making processing costs greatly reduced and improving turn around time. To make things even better, ABS is much lighter than steel, making shipping expenses much lower and giving a total cost to the project well within the budget established by our client. The feedback from the client was very positive, they were extremely satisfied with our ingenuity, and ability to provide quality work all within the set time and budget parameters. We to this day continue to cooperate. 
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