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Frequently Asked Questions

If we failed to answer your questions, please contact us directly. 

1 Lead time

This depends on the complexity of the design and the process required. Generally we can complete CNC projects in 2-4 days ( We have also done many projects in 1 day). Vacuum casting projects usually take  5-7 days.
2 Product tolerances
CNC tolerances of prototypes are +/- 0.05 mm per 100 mm and +/- 0.15 mm per 100 mm for vacuum casting. We can achieve much lower tolerances  depending on the geometry, material and process.

3 How to guarantee quality
Before transferring the balance payment, we will send clients photos or videos of the final product.
If there is quality problem and it is our responsibility, we will replace any parts that you are not satisfied with free of charge.  

4 How about our price?
On the basis of quality guarantee, we will always offer you professional suggestions to save your budget.
Man-power in China is approximately 1/6 of western countries. We provide prototypes of the same/better quality standard, but our service is more economical.

5 How to pay
 A Payment can be made by bank transfer. In some cases, depending on the complexity and the price of a product, 30%-50% of advance payment may be required. 

6 How to guarantee information security
Except signing and abiding by Non-Disclosure Agreement, all communication facilities in Hemtom are installed with information security management system. We offer our staff members pre-employment training, during which, keeping confidentiality is a must. All communicational devices must be kept in the lockers outside the workshops. 

Get a free project review
With extensive experience, guaranteed quality and devoted customer service, we also offer free project review.You are welcome to send us NDA/NNN via
business@hemtom.com to get your project started with confidentiality.