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Polyurethane Vacuum Casting
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What is Polyurethane Vacuum Casting?

Urethane Casting is the precision alternative to injection molding, RIM, or Machining. 

We creat a master model by CNC machining or 3D Printing. 
  The master model is set-up on a block to make multi-part mold or suspended in a frame to make a single part cut mold. 
  We pour liquid silicon around the master model in a casting box.
  About one day the silicon is fully cured, we split the silicone mold, and remove the master model. The silicon mold is ready to cast the polyurethane parts. 
  Each part will be carefully scrutinized by our technicians to achieve the best quality. 

Why Urethane Casting?

Because of the flexibility of silicone, to deal with reverse draft inserts and undercuts is easier. Silicone molds can be reproduced with details. Urethane casting provides fast turnaround.

Wearable device 
Medical device 

Hemtom Model has extensive experience in adopting different materials in Urethane Casting. 

The most popular resin is UP4280 simulant  ABS. The best option for clear parts is PX521. For rubber parts we suggest UP8400. 



The finished dimensions of vacuum cast parts depend on the accuracy of the master model, part geometry and casting material. Generally, a shrinkage rate of 0.15% is to be expected. We will take this into consideration to reduce the difference. 


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